Crystal Wars: Grade & Reward Adjustment

My Lords, we hope you’re all enjoying the thrilling Crystal Wars! With the latest round of the Rating Match behind us, it’s time to look forward to the start of the Regular Season! Before the Regular Season begins, we made some adjustments to the event grades and rewards to enhance your game experience. Elyanna can’t…

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New Red Infantry Hero – Aias

In the ice fields stretching beyond the northern mountains, stories of a lone human and an enormous arctic wolf have long been a part of the local lore. According to tribal elders, the man and the wolf would hunt side by side, share their prey with each other, and fight side by side when confronted…

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New Version Previe

My Lords, a new update will be released on 2022/2/28! To give everyone a better game experience, we’ll be bringing you lots of upgrades and optimizations. Let’s take a look at them! [Optimizations] 1. Lord Skill presets raised to 5 Unlock Preset 4 when your Castle is upgraded to Lv.30, and Preset 5 when Legendary…

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