Guide|Can you reach 900%?

Many would wonder what is special about that, there are plenty of players can reach that attributes. However, we are talking about training speed. I doubt anyone can reach 900% training speed at the moment.

Let’s see what you need to achieve with that number.

1. War Tents:

There are 8 war tents, each gives you 26% at L10. So the total is 26 * 8 = 208%


2. Hero assignments and Skill Books:

We can assign 2 heroes to military building to increase training speed. We have some good assist heroes to choose: Kahn’ta, Arkadius, Astier, and Cleopatra. We should consider the following:

– Arkadius has built-in training buff skill (max at 64.97%).

– Astier has highest Assist Prestige of 9816, next is Cleopatra, then Kahn’ta (8876). Arkadius is an orange hero so his assist prestige is lower than those gold heroes’ (7643)

– The higher the Assist Prestige, the higher the training speed increase when assigning heroes and skill book.

Majority of the players will choose Kahn’ta and Arkadius. That is a good choice because Kahn’ta has built-in conscription buff skill. However, we are discussing about training speed here, so the best choice will be Astier and Arkadius. Total Assist Prestige is 9816 + 7643 = 17459. Now let us do some calculations:

– When assigning heroes, every 333.3 assist prestige increases your training speed by 1%. So 17459 Assist Prestige increase your training speed by 17459 / 333.3 = 52.38%

– When using skill books, at level 30, every 100 assist prestige increases your training speed by 0.6%. So 17459 Assist Prestige increase your training speed by 17459 * 0.6 / 100 = 104.754%

– Build-in training buff increase from Arkadius is 64.97%.

So in total, Hero assignments and skill book gives you 52.38%+104.754%+64.97%=222.1%


3. Equipment

Dragon boots increase infantry and war machine training speed while Dragon Gloves increase cavalry and archer training speed. At any level of equipment, war machine training speed will always be the highest among all troop types. Therefore, we take war machine training speed for our calculation – level 70 equipment increases training speed by 113.1% (for other troop types, maximum training speed increased from equipment is 98.9%)


4. Lord Skill

Lord assist skill increase training speed by 80%:

– Quick train – 5%

– Quick train II – 30%

– Quick train III – 45%

5. Castle Themes

We have 5 castle themes that increase training speed, total 55%

– Reindeer Castle theme – 10%

– Glorious Castle theme – 10%

– Full Desert Moon theme – 10%

– Ghostly Castle theme – 10%

– Santa’s Workshop Castle theme – 15%

6. Mythical Beast

Storm dragon with assist mastery increases training speed by 30%. Divine dragon with military mastery increases training speed by 25% while garrison. Total 55%


7. Research in the Institute

We can research the following in the institute to increase training speed:

– Training – 10%

– Training II – 15%

– Training III – 20%

Total 45%


8. Research in the Arcana Tower

In Soldier’s Folio under Codex Cognitio and codex Aurora book, we can research to increase 20% training speed for each troop type.


9. Elf’ Privileges

Level 8 Elf’ Privileges increase training speed by 20%. Reach it by recharging.


10. Sanctuary buff

In home kingdom, each alliance can occupy cities to increase training speed by 10%. In addition, when alliance occupy Mighty cities and appoint Mayor, Mayor can activate City skill using city management point and increase training speed by 10%. Total sanctuary buff is 20%


11. Lord of Justice

In home kingdom, the King can appoint Lord of Justice position that increase training speed by 10%. Overlord can also appoint Overlord’s Master of Rites position that increase training speed by 10%. Total 20%

12. Winning kingdom buff

When your kingdom win overall at Tournament of Kingdoms, you have winning kingdom buffs including 10% training speed increase.

13. Hero bonds

Under The Night Watch section in Hero Bonds, Bond 2 – Desperate Measures increases training speed by 16% at maximum by upgrading 3 following heroes to level 120: Kahn’ta, Arkadius, Barichbran


14. Pack

The only pack that increase training speed is Noble growth pack – Premium 7day Superstar Stockpile. You get 10% training speed increase from it.


15. Medal

Strengthen your equipment 300 times and you can activate forge medal in Honor Roll that increase training speed by 6%


Now, let’s summarize:


Therefore, 900% is the highest training speed you can achieve in ROK at the moment. However, I do not think anyone has reached that number yet. And remember that this number is war machine training speed, for other troop types, maximum training speed at the moment is 886%

That is all I have for today. I hope this article was helpful for everyone. Good luck and have fun.

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