Guide | How to increase shieldmen HP?

Today we got an extra amazing guide from K123 ӃƦՕՌՕՖ. Let’s check it out!

Hey guys, as you all know shieldmen play a very important role in battle. Today we will see some very easy ways of how you can increase your shieldmen HP.


The most easy and straight way to increase your shieldmen HP is equipment. The Helmet in particular gives you Infantry HP which you want to max out asap.

Within the equipment we also have the Reset Attributes. Its important to remember to make your resets differently for each troops type and to get the highest reset attribute possible for each equipment.

Next within the equipment to help increase your HP is the jewels. The higher your Infantry HP jewels are the more HP you will gain for your shieldmen.



Just like equipment, the shield of realm is also divided into different troop types and one common council. It is important to upgrade your Conclave of Sword in order to attain the maximum HP for your shieldmen.

The Council of Guardians will also provide you with great HP so it is important you upgrade ths as well side by side.



The HP skill of the ice dragon gives a great boost to your shieldmen HP. You unlock the HP skill once you get the dragon to level 60. Remember that the ice dragon needs to be in your dispatch or placed in wall in order for the skills to take effect.



This dragon was looked down by many in the start since they were unable to understand the passive skills of the dragon. Unlike the ice dragon, the skills of this dragon are always in work irrespective of the fact if it is in your dispatch or garrisoned or not.


5. Institute and Arcane Tower

Another basic way to work on since the beginning just like your equipment is the research. Researching HP for infantry in both Institute and Arcane tower will help you boost your shieldmen HP.



The new red hero with its feature adds a great deal of HP to your shieldmen. However it is very difficult to change the assigned hero again with diff troop heroes so it is better to just assign your most used troop type hero to it.


These are some of the easiest ways to increase your shieldmen HP. Other than this how you set your dragon mastery also plays a major role.

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