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Today we got an extra amazing guide from K383 ༺Mr Greedy༻. Let’s check it out!

Hey everyone, today’s guide is part of the series about increasing battle attributes, and if you’re not familiar with this series, then make sure.

1 – in the previous guide, we spoke about reset attributes, and you can also use this item called an “attribute lock reset”, there is the regular version and the advanced version. The regular version allows you to lock one attribute of your choosing and then the Adv version can reset two, meaning if you have three reset attributes, there is one which you really like and there is two which you’re not very happy with, simply lock the attribute which you want and reset the other two using a blessing stone of your choosing, the advanced version has the same concept, only difference is that with the advanced lock you can lock two reset attributes and reset the third, this can become very useful if used correctly.


2 – At the Institute, there is a good amount of research which increases battle attributes. Firstly I’d like to discuss the military research section at the institute, this is the first branch of battle research you’ll encounter at the game, it is mostly easy to finish with the correct preparation such as assigning Fausto and another high development prestige hero to the institute, and starting research in timing with a research lucky day bonus, requesting “lord of paper” title from the king, dragon mastery skill and research buff from a Mighty City. Without the correct preparation, the research in this section could be costly, but other than that it’s quite simple.


3 – there is one research in the Advanced Military research section that increases battle attributes, that is “blood fervor” this research increases attack attributes for all troop types by 1% for each level up to a maximum of 5 levels = 5%, but it depends on the level of your institute.


4 – Legendary Military research section has been around for a few months now, and there is research similar to that inside the basic military research section, the issue with legendary military research section is that it’s very limited for lower level castles, this research section can be viewed only when your institute reaches L3 but cannot make any research inside it until your institute is L4, and the research for L4 is very limited as you can see in my image above, the majority of the research is for L5 and L6 institute, and it’s important to note that the researches there are quite cheap when it comes to resources and does not require a lot of speedups to complete, and they give a decent amount of research power which is of course useful for research stage if you’re planning to do that.


That’s all I have for this part, thank you all for reading and make sure to stay tuned for the next guide.

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