Update Announcement: The New Era of ROK

My Lords, a new update will be released on 2022/03/31! Get ready for brand new castle art, two formidable Mythical Beasts, tons of amazing rewards, and lots of gameplay optimizations!

[Art Upgrade]

1. Castle art optimization

Brand new castle interface designed to enhance your game experience! Old players can switch even between the old and new castle in settings.

[New Content]

1. New Mythical Beasts: Dark Dragon & Astral Dragon

These new beasts provide powerful Attack, Defense, and HP buffs for all your troops! In addition, the brand new ‘Sea of Stars’ feature allows you to devour unused items in exchange for Astral Dragon development items!

2. New Gold Hero: Minos

Own this Hero to increase upgrade speed for all buildings by 40%, reduce construction time for all buildings by 5 hours, and reduce the amount of resources required to upgrade all buildings below Legendary Level by 25%.

Minos is available from the Minos’ Glorious Castle Pack!

3. New Supreme 30day Superstar Stockpile

The Supreme 30day Superstar Stockpile includes Gold Universal Shards, Optional Troop Buff Chests, Adv Summon Spells, and more!

4. New Event: Daily Recharge

Recharge every day to claim chests full of spectacular rewards!

5. New Function: Battle Replay

This new feature allows you to watch battle replays in your Battle Reports! Relive every glorious fight!


1. ‘Expedition to the Unknown’ and ‘Tournament of Kingdoms’ competition stage theme and Lucky Day time have been adjusted.

2. Daily Quest Optimization

Quest difficulty has been reduced and resource rewards have been upgraded, allowing Lords to develop faster than ever before!

3. Wounded capacity has been increased from 100K to 1M.

4. Research Certificates will no longer appear in the Bag, and will instead be available on the research page in the Institute.

5. The skills ‘Pike Wall’ and ‘Volley’ have been added to the Skill Shop and Skill Exchange.

6. Rewards from some events have been adjusted.

Event rewards have been upgraded to welcome the New Era of ROK in style! Don’t miss out, my Lords!

7. The newbie tutorial and quest tutorial have been optimized, and fresh newbie events have been added.

My Lords, you can expect all this and more in the coming version update, so don’t forget to join us as we welcome the New Era of ROK! Follow our Forum and the official Facebook fan page for more exciting news from Elyanna

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