Story | THE DARK WARLOCK – chapter 7

Here comes the fresh Chapter 7 of the story [THE DARK WARLOCK] from Darth2018. Let’s see together what happens

A howl of rage broke from the ranks of the Orcs as their captain fell and the mob charged at the slight elf maid regarding them calmly. Smoothly, Linmaer drew and fired an arrow as she backed away. A high-pitched shriek signaled a hit as horns brayed across the ravine, dwarves and Rohillion’s troops surging forward.

In a flash, Ironfist was beside Linmaer, his axe at the ready as he chuckled, “Girl! You do know how to get a party started!” Just then the forward ranks of Ralnar’s troopers surged past the elf and the dwarf and met the maddened charge of the Orcs head on.

Bane was quick to move to the front, his massive shoulders working hard as he scythed his axe through orc flesh, lopping away an arm on the forward stroke and showering blood from the skull of another on his backhand. As he fought, the dwarf sensed the elf maid close by, a short sword in her hand serving her well. Men and dwarves and orcs screamed and died but the fight was nearly over before it had begun. The orcs were simply too few, though that didn’t dim their eagerness for battle.

As quickly as it had started, the fight seemed to die away. Several elf lancers rode down the only four orcs to break free of the press as they scrambled for the ravine seeking escape, grunts and gasps sounding their death rattles as steel tipped lances ripped into their backs. No one gave any quarter nor sought any and soon the brutality was done.

It came as a complete surprise when the victors noticed a single orc sitting upright on the plain, his sword still in its scabbard. The orc sat gazing at the grasses, showing no fear of the troops moving toward him. He was well knit and wore light armor but he made no move to flee. A light poncho draped his right shoulder and his hair was knotted out off the right side of his skull, bound by a cord decorated with teeth and bones, unlike the shaven skulls of his slain comrades.

“Beware, Lord of Krakguard!” Bane cautioned, stepping between Ralnar and the orc. “This is strange indeed.”

“Aye,” Linmaer murmured as she reached her lord’s side, “I have dealt with many of these tuskers in the northern wastes but I have never seen one of his ilk.”

Ralnar held up his hand to quiet them and walked around to face the orc.

“Hail, Ralnar Rohillion!” the orc said. “Many things are wrong in your lands, Lord of the Plain. Would you like to know why, for I can tell you much?” He lifted his face to look the tall Elf lord. It was not an unpleasant face, as orc faces go, with wide set dark brown eyes and a narrow nose. The points of his fangs were hardly noticeable and his hair was well set. Silver rings hung from the lobs of his pointed ears and he fingered a thin metallic chain around his neck. A red stone hung from it.

“I am Thatroki, of the Two Rivers clan and I was not in agreement with the foolishness of those Hewn Pillar louts. I ask for parley, at least, before you run me through.”

Linmaer murmured softly. “I have heard of the Two Rivers clan, my Lord. Orcs they are to be sure but they seem less ferocious than the Hewn Pillar!”

Thatroki laughed. “Less ferocious, mighty Linmaer, Ranger of the Essalian Alps and defender of the western borderlands? Great is the name of the Mistress of the Trees and well to be feared I see, judging by the fate of Urag Maul!”

The orc eased to his feet. “Do you know who you killed, fearless elf warrior?” He looked from face to face, nodding to Rhinoch as the giant drew close. Pointing at the looming Rhodain, he continued. “You certainly know, prisoner! Tell them!”

Rhinoch stared at the orc, then nodded. “Aye, Urag was the elder brother of Oged Maul, master of Thangad and the self-styled lord of the northern mountains…though he has had some difficulties with the elves of Astrapor and Nehmbrodel in establishing that claim.” The giant shuddered. “Chieftain of the Hewn Pillar clan, he it was who sent me to the mines beneath that dread fortress and it was that”, he gestured at the body of Urag, “that delivered the ire of his brother on a daily basis during my time of captivity.”

Ralnar pondered the orc’s words, then he replied. “You say you were not part of this rabble? You choose strange traveling companions, Thatroki of the Two Rivers! And now you say you have knowledge unknown to anyone else in Saumarra? You say you know what is causing all our woes?” Ralnar stepped forward, drawing his sword. He pointed the tip of the blade at the bulking carcass of the monster Rhinoch had slain.

“Explain that, orc…or negotiate with this blade!”

Thatroki didn’t blink at the threat but bowed slightly.

“It is an Orn, a creature drawn from the Void, brought here to spread terror and weakness among the folk of the realms. and it signals that Nyria is being invaded.”

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