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My Lords, a new update will be released on 2022/2/28! To give everyone a better game experience, we’ll be bringing you lots of upgrades and optimizations. Let’s take a look at them!


1. Lord Skill presets raised to 5

Unlock Preset 4 when your Castle is upgraded to Lv.30, and Preset 5 when Legendary Lv.3 is reached.

2. New ‘Ruin of Titan Over’ event

At the end of the Ruin of Titan, the victorious forces from each battlefield will be revealed, along with the Heart of the Ruin Occupation Ranking and the Expedition’s Glory Ranking.

3. Battle Report optimization

Battle Reports can now be shared with friends and in chatrooms; Troop statistics have been added to scout mail.

4. Announcement pop-up optimization

Lords can now browse through all announcement events in announcement pop-ups. The ‘Don’t remind me again today unless there’s a new announcement’ button has also been added, allowing Lords to turn off recurring notifications.

5. Thanksgiving Card optimization

Lords can now search for Alliances/Coalitions and friends.

6. Fountain of Fate: Lords can now hold the Wish button to make consecutive wishes.

7. Hero avatars will now be displayed on dispatch queues.

8. Fast Pace interface optimization

When Fast Paces are in use, the interface will no longer cover the Kingdom Map, allowing Lords to follow battle development in real time.

9. The animation during summons can now be skipped; The summons limit has been raised to 1,000.

After summoning 10 times, the ‘Summon All’ button will be enabled. (The daily summon limit is 1,000)

10. Conscription item optimization

The ‘Conscription’ button has been added to the Promotion page, allowing Lords to skip to the Conscription interface; The ‘Conscription Count’ function has been added.

11. Troop type categories have been added to the Jewel Warehouse; The ‘Batch Compose’ function has been added.

These are some of the main optimizations introduced in the coming update. Remember to follow the Forum for more news from Elyanna!ShareTop Comments

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