New Red Infantry Hero – Aias

In the ice fields stretching beyond the northern mountains, stories of a lone human and an enormous arctic wolf have long been a part of the local lore. According to tribal elders, the man and the wolf would hunt side by side, share their prey with each other, and fight side by side when confronted by danger. The man couldn’t speak human language, and whenever he encountered another human being, he’d let out howls that sounded like ‘aias aias’ – from then on he was known as Aias.

After some time had passed, people noticed that the enormous wolf no longer kept Aias company. Instead, he seemed to have acquired a new garment – a thick coat of white wolf fur. To everyone’s surprise, Aias was able to brave the hostile conditions of the frozen plains on his own. With no one daring to approach him, his past remained shrouded in mystery… until one fateful day when Aias chanced upon a human tribe accompanied by a frozen plains wolf.

Attacked by a ravenous pack of the undead, the tribe found itself in dire straits. That’s when Aias emerged, and with an axe in each hand, he slew every single monster, saving the tribesmen’s lives. Perhaps it was his affinity with the frozen plains wolf that made Aias abandon his cautiousness and finally approach the humans, allowing them to learn more about his life.

As the lives of ordinary humans continue to unfold in the frozen plains, it seems that the legend of Aias will endure. But what are the potent skills that Aias depends on for survival? Let’s take a look!

Skill Name: Surge of Strength

Skill Description: Increases Spearman Attack and HP by 50%, and Shieldman HP and Defense by 30%.

Our brand new Red Infantry Hero Aias will soon arrive in Nyria! My Lords, remember to join the ‘Snowfield Hunt’ event to earn Aias Shards. Charge ahead and conquer the snowfields!Sh

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