New Era of ROK: The Dark Dragon & Astral Dragon Are Here!

With the flames of war raging across the entire Nyrian continent, the Lords of the realm have begun their search for the mighty Mythical Beasts to assist them in battle. After many perilous expeditions, two of the most formidable beasts the world has ever seen were captured – the Dark Dragon, the legendary beast dwelling inside a volcanic crater, and the Astral Dragon, the creature that lives amidst the Sea of Stars. As a New Era of ROK dawns, what exciting new stories will unfold in Nyria?

My Lords, Elyanna can’t wait to tell you more about the two new Dragons’ potent skills!

[Dark Dragon]

Dark Dragons are famously capricious beasts that can only be unlocked by Lords whose Castle has reached Legendary Lv.10 and who have upgraded their Ice Dragon to Lv.60. Once tamed, the Dark Dragon delivers incredible buff effects!

The Dark Dragon possesses 4 Passive Skills and 1 Awaken Skill:

Passive Skills (Max Effect)

1. Fire Command: Increases rally troop dispatch size by 15,000.

2. Fire Talisman: Increases Defense for all troops by 50%.

3. Heart of Flames: Increases HP for all troops by 50%.

4. Flame Blessing: Increases Attack for all troops by 50%.

Passive Skills take effect throughout the battle even when not directly deployed.

Awaken Skill (Max Effect)

Lava Blessing: When Lava Blessing has been activated and a rally has been set with the Dark Dragon dispatched – Attack, Defense, and HP for all troops is increased by 50%, damage dealt by all troops is increased by 30%, and adds 20% extra damage when attacking Meatshield troops. This skill effect lasts for 1 hour, and comes with an 8-hour cooldown period.

My Lord, use Dark Souls and Dark Stones to develop your Dark Dragon, and you’ll be invincible in every battle to come! In addition, upgrading your Mythical Beast level will also earn you Mastery Points used to activate Mastery Skills – these will help your Dark Dragon soar to stunning new heights!

[Astral Dragon]

The western coast of Nyria is washed by the waters of a vast ocean. When night shrouds the realm in darkness, the sky descends to meet the ocean ,erasing the barrier between them for a time by merging the ocean’s pristine waters and the starlit heaven into an immense Sea of Stars. Gaze beyond the horizon when the Sea of Stars appears, and you may catch a glimpse of a massive beast frolicking in the waves – this mighty creature is the legendary Astral Dragon!

The mysterious Astral Dragon can only be unlocked when Lords reach Legendary Lv.6. Raising the Astral Dragon requires Astral Stones and Astral Souls, with Astral Crystals being used to develop its powerful Awaken Skill!

The Astral Dragon possesses 4 Passive Skills and 1 Awaken Skill:

Passive Skills (Max Effect)

1. Morning Star’s Boon: When upgrading buildings, increases resource efficiency by 25%.

2. Meteoric Light: When researching technology, increases resource efficiency by 25%.

3. Stellar Stimulus: When training troops, increases resource efficiency by 25%.

4. Astral Grace: When collection ends, earn an additional 25% of the resources collected.

Awaken Skill (Max Effect)

Stellar Force: Stellar Force takes effect for all troops upon activation, increasing Attack, Defense, and HP for all troops by 30%. This skill effect lasts for 1 hour, and comes with an 8-hour cooldown period.

[Sea of Stars]

The Astral Dragon that dwells in the Sea of Stars has an extraordinary ability to devour items and transform them into Stardust – a mystical matter filled with potent astral energy that can be exchanged for legendary items in the Sea of Stars. These include essential items used to raise the Astral Dragon – Astral Stones, Astral Souls, and Astral Crystals – as well as Elemental Potion II, Conversion Orbs, and more!

As the Astral Dragon devours items, its Fatigue will increase. When Fatigue exceeds a certain threshold, a certain proportion of the Stardust produced by the Astral Dragon will be lost. When this happens, let your Astral Dragon rest for a while and recover! Its Fatigue will be cleared every Monday at 00:00 (UTC).

The new Mythical Beasts will arrive in Nyria with the upcoming version update, offering their tremendous power to all Lords of the realm! As the New Era of ROK approaches, get ready for more amazing rewards and surprises! Remember to follow our Forum and the official Facebook fan page for all the hottest game news

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