New Era of ROK – New Gold Hero Minos

The precipitous mountains of the north are home to an old Tauriken clan. The Tauriken people took to quarrying and mining rocks from great mountainside cuts, artfully shaping them into breathtaking palaces worthy of the gods. Among all the great Tauriken architects, there was one who stood head and shoulders above the rest – Minos. Deeply passionate in his quest to research architecture, he was one of the very few Tauriken men who endeavored to leave their homeland and travel across the continent.

Minos’ most majestic creations included the Great Labyrinth, designed to defend his homeland from intruders, and the Great Wall, a magnificent structure that stretched for hundreds of miles along the northern border, protecting the human realm from the creatures of the frozen plains.

Although he was already famous for a great number of marvelous buildings, Minos remained unsatisfied, and kept his mind busy contemplating a project that would surpass everything he had ever created – a powerful castle containing a multitude of complicated mechanisms driven by magical forces. Minos’ glorious castle is surely the most anticipated structure in the history of Nyria!

Minos is a development Hero. My Lords, let’s take a look at his powerful skill!

Skill Name: Master Plan

When you own this Hero, upgrade speed for all buildings is increased by 40%, construction time for all buildings is reduced by 5 hours, and the resource cost for upgrading all buildings below Legendary level is reduced by 25%.

My Lords, this brilliant development Hero will be released in the new version along with the upgraded castle art, tons of amazing rewards, and more! Get ready to welcome a New Era in the long history of ROK

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