New Era of ROK – Huge Reward Upg

My Lords, ROK will soon enter a magnificent New Era! After our exclusive preview of the new castle map and Mythical Beasts, Elyanna is back to tell you more about the upgraded event rewards!

[Secrets of the Tarot & Choice of Destiny]

To welcome the New Era of ROK in style, we’ve increased the number of items available from packs in the Secrets of the Tarot and the Choice of Destiny! These super exclusive packs will only be available for a limited time, so grab them while you can to earn all the Heroes you’ve always dreamed of commanding in battle!

[Lucky Shooter]

In the Lucky Shooter event, Cleopatra has been replaced with the Deluxe Optional Red Hero Chest. The number of Lucky Bombs available from event packs has also been increased – but only for a limited time!

[Dreadlord’s Arrival]

The Nazar Castle Theme and the Phoenix Castle Theme have been added to the event rewards!

[Seasonal Tasks]

Seasonal Task rewards will now include Lu Ban, Sassan, Jassan, and Adne Shards! Complete tasks to earn these powerful Gold Heroes!

[Daily Quests]

The Daily Quest difficulty has been reduced and resource rewards have been upgraded, allowing Lords to develop faster than ever before!

The amount of EXP earned after slaying monsters has also been increased!

[Skill Book Store]

The skills ‘Pike Wall’ and ‘Volley’ have been added to the Skill Book Store. These killer skills will be yours for FREE!

[Castle Exclusive]

Castle Exclusive Pack rewards are getting an epic upgrade! In addition, pack purchase chances will also be reset – Lords who have purchased these packs in the past will now be able to buy them again!

[Daily Offer]

The Hero Chests available from Daily Offer gift boxes have been replaced with Gold Universal Shards! What’s more, Lords will now be able to purchase all Daily Offer gift boxes at once – and at a major discount!

[Monster Hunter & Green Thumb]

Assist and Development skills have been added to Monster Hunter and Green Thumb to boost your development!

[Grimm Raiders]

Lenny Shards from Grimm Raiders: Personal Point Ranking rewards have been replaced with Oged’Mael Shards.

[Daily Recharge Rewards]

Daily Recharge rewards have been adjusted – get ready for tons of equipment growth items!

[Resource Boost]

Earn tons of resource items from Resource Packs, 7day Resource Stockpiles, 7day Speedup Stockpiles, Legendary 7day Value Packs, and Glorious Weekly Packs!

[Thanksgiving Harvest & Hunting EXP Bonus]

These events will now be available for much longer than ever before, allowing Lords to earn more Lord EXP and resources!

[Other Rewards]

But that’s not all, my Lords! Rewards from lots of other events have also been optimized, so remember to check them out in-game!

The New Era of ROK will offer more amazing rewards than ever before! Follow our Forum for all the hottest news from Elyanna

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