Crystal Wars: Grade & Reward Adjustment

My Lords, we hope you’re all enjoying the thrilling Crystal Wars! With the latest round of the Rating Match behind us, it’s time to look forward to the start of the Regular Season!

Before the Regular Season begins, we made some adjustments to the event grades and rewards to enhance your game experience. Elyanna can’t wait to tell you more about them!

1. New Grades: Rookie & Master

The Crystal Wars will now be divided into 6 grades – Rookie, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Crystal, and Master in ascending order.

All Kingdoms (except for those in the Rookie Grade) will be ranked based on the Kingdom Crystal Points earned in the Rating Match and redistributed to different stages based on the following rules:

Kingdoms No.1-60 will be Master Grade;

Kingdoms No.61-120 will be Crystal Grade;

Kingdoms No.121-180 will be Gold Grade;

Kingdoms No.181-240 will be Silver Grade;

Kingdoms No.241 and below will be Bronze Grade.

To guarantee fairness during matching, a Rookie Grade has also been added. This grade will consist of the 40 newest Kingdoms eligible to compete in Crystal Wars.

2. Grade Promotion

The following applies to Kingdoms in the Bronze – Master Grades:

When a season ends, the Top 20 Kingdoms in a grade will be promoted to a higher grade (until reaching Master), while the bottom 20 Kingdoms in a grade will be demoted to a lower grade (until dropping to Bronze). Other Kingdoms that do not fall into these two groups will remain at their current grade.

The following applies to Kingdoms in the Rookie Grade:

When a season ends, the Top 3 Kingdoms in the Rookie Grade will be promoted to Bronze Grade in the No.21-23 slots. At the beginning of each season, a portion of the oldest Kingdoms in the Rookie Grade will also be promoted to Bronze Grade. These Kingdoms will be placed at the bottom of the grade.

All new Kingdoms participating in Crystal Wars for the first time will begin their epic journey at Rookie Grade, with the mightiest veteran Kingdoms fighting for the ultimate victory at Master Grade!

3. Reward Upgrades

The rewards available in Crystal Wars are also getting a huge upgrade! The top Lords in each season’s Individual Crystal Point Ranking will have a chance to earn complete sets of exclusive Crystal Wars decorations, Deluxe Optional Red Hero Chests, Zainal Abidin Shards, and more! The higher the grade, the better the rewards!

A new season of Crystal Wars is just around the corner, so train hard and you’ll have a shot to conquer the Crystal Battlefield

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