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Ruin of Titan Season 6: Kingdom Matching List Revealed

The Ruin of Titan Season 5 will officially start on 2021/11/22 UTC. All participating Kingdoms, including K1—K514 and merged Kingdoms K10001-K10013, will be divided among the 19 battlefields.

1. Matching Rules: Kingdoms will be automatically matched by the system based on Kingdom Power, the number of active players within each Kingdom, battlefield participation, etc.

2. The matching list is as follows.

(Each number is matched with a Battle Group, including 1-Fa’il, 2-Rynth, 3-Ainsleigh, 4-Llyr Layne, 5-Ar’ven, 6-Maw, 7-Point Kil’meng’ar, and 8-Stjalvarrt.)


Enjoy and fight hard



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